Rinsing machine

The rinsing machine is designed to clean the inside of new bottles. Its function is to remove any foreign objects or dust, accidentally introduced inside the bottles.

The fimer rinsing machine is a technically advanced unit. Bottle overturning is by means of a variable-profile cam. Each spraying station is equipped with a bottle presence control system and in case of no bottle, the jet is interrupted. All the ducts which convey the rinsing product to the various spraying stations are made of stainless steel; a standard fitting of all the rinsing machines is the air blower which eliminates any drops remaining on the bottle neck during overturning.
The grippers, which are made of stainless steel, feature rubber grip pads which can be easily changed in case of differently-shaped bottle necks.
The fimer rinsing machines can feature single or double treatment, fixed nozzle or movable nozzle and can be fitted with various accessories such as for example, a rinsing product recirculation plant, manual or automatic dummy bottles for machine sterilization, and hoods for the extraction of any noxious fumes which could be harmful for operators, etc.

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