High-vacuum filling machine

The fimer high-vacuum filling machine is designed specifically for particularly dense products filled in glass containers or in any case resistant material, such as for example, miniature pet bottles.
The high-vacuum filling machine works thanks to a pressure difference. Atmospheric pressure in the filling machine tank, in which the product is located, and negative pressure in the bottle thanks to a vacuum pump that draws directly on the bottle’s air return circuit. Thanks to this pressure delta, the product contained in the tank is sucked up directly by the bottle.
Depending on the product being processed, fimer can make high-vacuum machines with compensation trays positioned directly on the main tank of the filling machine, or positioned on the ground.
High-vacuum machines can be equipped with different valves, including for miniature bottles.
Products normally handled using high-vacuum machines are oil, syrups, creams, sauces and all those products which, due to their particular density, cannot be handled by gravity filling machines.

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