Filling machine

Of the entire bottling line, the most important unit is the filling machine.
The filling unit is the only machine that has direct contact with the finished product and therefore must be conceived, designed and built so it provides utmost reliability in terms of product guarantee. It must maintain product characteristics during the actual filling operation but must also be easily washable and also easily sterilized when in contact with products particularly sensitive to pollution.
Fimer, since its inception, has been designing and manufacturing its own filling machines. Adapting them to the characteristics of the product and of the container to be treated.
Fimer filling machines include gravity or light vacuum and isobaric machines – both traditional and electro-pneumatic versions – volumetric machines, high vacuum or light pressure machines, electronic machines with flow meters that can be magnetic or inertial.
One of the fimer strong points is that it also makes special machines; as an example we can mention applications with products such as natural honey, and cosmetics.

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