Adapting protection guards to improve safety

To improve safety on the job, the company FIMER Tecnologia dell’Imbottigliamento S.r.l. has adopted a kit which permits easily adapting single-head cork capping units in monoblock bottling systems. For details please contact your dealer or write directly to, indicating the model and serial number of the monoblock in your possession.

Description of upgrade kit

The kit includes a new Plexiglas guard for the capping unit cylinder, a new opening hinge with spring and a screw closing system.

To replace the capping unit guard, follow the instructions included with the kit.

After completing the job, to be able to open the capping unit guard, a 4 mm Allen wrench will have to be used which is not normally supplied to the monoblock operator, but only to maintenance personnel. Upon opening, the guard does not remain in position because the hinge with spring fully opens the above guard. This operation can only be performed when the machine is stopped through the front guards equipped with safety micro switches, because, using the Allen wrench, the guard cannot be opened with the machine moving passing  through the bottle outfeed compartment.
Remember that today, pursuant to art.18 co. 1 letter. z of Legislative Decree no. 81/08 (consolidation act on safety and hygiene at work which repealed Legislative Decree no. 626/94 on 15 May 2008), employers are required to update preventive measures in relation to the degree of development of prevention and protection technology.

Canelli, September 2015

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